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I owe major gratitude to Tom Matistic and his dedicated team of craftsmen who transformed my traditional-but-dated house into a modern classic. Their expertise, professionalism and savvy helped me create the home I imagined. I feel fortunate that Tom, who manages high-end projects throughout New Jersey, agreed to my venture.
(973) 227 0404


E&E Cleaning Services

These ladies have been with me as soon as major renovation subsided and I began to fill the house. Beyond being just lovely, they've taken great care with my home, my belongings ... and me. Trusted.
(862) 218 6108


A&M Renovation

Manuel and crew have helped me over the last two years as I shed my Brooklyn-apartment mentality and began to use the lower and upper levels of the house.
(862) 944 6446


Berkeley Tile

These ladies know their stuff ... and have access to just about any surface you could want.
(908) 646 6666


Wilber’s Painting

Israel and team covered almost every inch inside and outside. They guarantee their work and provide great customer care.
(973) 762 6333


Orange Garden Center

Senior (aka Art) was a paternal influence guiding me to solutions that I know my Daddy would have loved. His curation of flora rivals anything I've seen in this neck of the woods.
(973) 672 2212


Robson Lawn Care

Joe and Will are the sturdy partners that helped me plant and maintain my terrain. And, they stay around in Winter to clear snow.
(973) 609 7981


Rix Pool & Spa

They kept me afloat.
(973) 386 0404



Salvage Style

The gracious Amy Hughes has wicked good taste. She was great encouragement as I started to curate my space. Image heading "The Town" section is her store.
(201) 921 5112